Getting to know us: 

 Caribbean Container Inc. (CCI) operates the only Paper Recycling Mill in Caricom, manufacturing Linerboard and fluting medium, using waste paper as feedstock. The Company's adjacent Box-Plant, uses as the primary raw material – paper produced by the Mill, to manufacture four colour printed corrugated packaging as well as fiberboard fitments. CCI's packaging is well received across Caricom with forty percent of production exported to Caricom customers. Domestic collections of waste paper (OCC grade) removes from the local waste stream the equivalent of 1,200 cubic meters of landfill space monthly.

CCI commenced commercial operation in 1983 via its Box Plant; initially trading under the name SAPIL and from 1999 as Caribbean Container Inc. The Paper Mill became operational in 2003. The company was privatized in 1992 and in January 2007 the majority shareholder "Demerara Holdings Inc" was acquired by Technology Investments and Management Inc., and the company restructured. CCI provides direct employment for 145 staff covering a wide range of disciplines and indirect employment for approximately 100 persons who provide contract services, in particular waste paper collection.

Caribbean Container Incorporated (CCI) acts in a responsible manner and its business activities are guided by strict observance of the law, and its administrators, employees and service providers share an equal responsibility. This responsibility includes taking the necessary remedial steps when irregular practices are identified on the part of third parties, which may affect the reputation and interests of CCI.

While respecting the Company’s by-laws, the corporate governance model follows the guidelines established by the Board of Directors. The underlying principles of the Corporate Governance model are transparency, a clear definition of functions, management independence, equitable treatment of shareholders and strict accountability. The ethical values governing the corporate conduct of CCI are based on respect for life and liberty and derive from the assumption that every individual in the organization is fully responsible for his/her actions and personal and professional growth.

CCI is committed to always acting in a transparent manner with its employees, clients, investors, suppliers and service providers, to be fair in its dealings with competitors. CCI is conscious of its social responsibility and its role as a generator of wealth in the community in which it operates as well as for the country itself. Respect for the interests of the communities and the country informs all the company's decisions. Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the main pillars of the Company’s corporate goverance structure which evolves around the triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profits.

As it relates to its employees, the criteria for hiring and promotion is compliance with the basic requirements of each job function or role. There is no discrimination by religious creed, philosophical or political conviction, nationality, sex, age, colour, marital status or physical handicap.

An ecologically balanced environment is essential to a healthy life and the survival of humanity. For CCI, the preservation of nature is crucial to its own existence and the development of its business. CCI works to improve the quality of life and to preserve the environment, based on the principle of sustainable development and recognizing the role of private enterprise and the influence of free, competitive markets.